Make Your Property Wheelchair Accessible

We provide wheelchair ramp installations in the Verona, PA area

The Americans with Disabilities Act outlines several modifications that every business with 15 or more employees must follow. At PA Home Modification LLC, we install ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps at businesses and homes in the greater Verona, PA area.

We'll come to your property on a day that's convenient for you. Once we arrive, we'll get to work on your wheelchair ramp installation. The installation process takes about a day, but it can take up to two. After we're finished, you'll get a non-slip, ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp that will allow access to individuals with disabilities.

Schedule your wheelchair ramp installation today by calling 412-607-4400.

Learn more about our wheelchair ramps

The wheelchair ramps we install are built from high-quality aluminum or wood. Each ramp

  • Can go inside or outside your property
  • Meets strict ADA standards
  • Comes with handrails or railings
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